Ritual v. Routine

I was strongly motivated to change the way I care for my skin by a belief that skincare should be a ritual and not a routine. I think it is important and healing to view self-care not just as a priority, but to actually take it one step further so it becomes something akin to a personal ritual. A ritual is, “a ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” For most of us, this is basically what a skincare routine is already. Thus, when it comes to skincare, a ritual provides an opportunity for us to begin and end each day by taking a few minutes to pause, take a breath, and relax. These moments can become a time for growing our inner beauty, mental well-being, and self-peace.

I’m a huge fan of burning incense. I love a lavender scent for evening.


Turning my skincare habits into a ritual made caring for my skin easier and far more exciting. I’ve always had troubled skin, and I’ve been known to skip washing my face at night, either out of laziness or forgetfulness. These days, I look forward to my evening cleansing ritual because I’m not thinking about it as one more thing that needs to get done before bed.

Green Clean by Farmacy is great for removing all traces of makeup without causing eye irritation.


Most nights I’ll light some candles and put on some mellow music before performing a soothing two-step cleansing ritual using only natural, primarily oil-based products (I’ll share my thoughts on products and why I’m a fan of two-step cleansing later). Personally, I think cleansing oils make it even easier to transition nightly beauty habits from a routine to a ritual. Maybe it’s because the gentle massaging motion relaxes me and encourages mindfulness. Of course the most important thing is to find what works best for you!

Herbivore’s Lapis facial oil works wonders at balancing troubled skin.

Another beauty ritual that I am super passionate about is bathing. Unfortunately right now, I don’t have my own bath tub so I am making do with a shower. Most nights I actually take a quick shower after washing my face with a cleansing oil or balm. This turns my double cleanse into double duty as I usually turn it into an aromatherapeutic experience to rewind before bed.  If, like me, you don’t have a tub for epsom salt and essential oil soaks, you can achieve a similar experience by adding a few drops of essential oil onto a wash cloth and setting the cloth next to the falling water from your shower, or covering your shower drain with a washcloth and adding a few drops the collected water. Also while in the shower, I’ll sometimes wrap a warm towel around my face after i’ve massaged with a cleansing oil and before using a gentle natural cleanser. This opens my pores, and further enhances the benefits of the cleansing oil, the cleanser, and the aromatherapeutic experience as a whole.

Use grapefruit oil to uplift your spirits, and target cellulite!

After showering I usually massage a mixture of coconut and other essential oils over my body.  I’ll be sure to share some essential oil skincare benefits on here soon!  After applying an organic toner to my face, I typically mix together a few of my favorite all-natural beauty oils, depending on what I need to target that night. Right now I’m loving the beauty oils made by Herbivore.  In the summer beauty oils were what I needed, but we’re settling into winter here in Portland so I’ll  soon be hunting for a heavier moisturizer. What is your evening beauty ritual?  Comment below!




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